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Shirley Fadden is a writer and illustrator, living in the woods of New England.

When she isn’t explaining to her son the reasons why he can’t ride on a paper airplane to get to school, she trains like a word ninja, receiving instruction at SCBWI conferences and Writer’s Loft Meetings. She trudges through all terrain, country, or city, as no writer or illustrator critique group is too far away.

 At home, she pulls on her paint splattered yoga pants and hides away in her studio where she swirls paintbrushes and nib pens across illustration boards, and pecks away on her keyboard. 

 When Shirley is not working on picture books, she can often be found inspecting nature through a magnifying glass. Once she spied a glowworm in Africa.  She loves to go on camping adventures with her family, take a hike and go for a swim at the base of waterfall. She is also a school volunteer, assisting in elementary school art classes and the middle school drama club. She likes to garden, without gloves, and spends Sunday morning in church, saying thanks for all of her many blessings.